Editorís Note

Though my task was to polish, it was impossible to edit without getting involved in the story, and I love this story. The characters are well-written, the plot is interesting, and I love the way Georgia included so many details without getting the storytelling bogged down in them, and the interesting way she combined romance with drama.

Yeah, Iím a guy, but Iíve long been a big fan of Grace Livingston Hillís books, and this story has some similar characteristics, though the GLH books Iíve read were never sexually explicit, and always presented the Gospel of Christ explicitly. Maybe it was just the ones I happened to read (she wrote well over a hundred from 1877 to 1949), but the GLH books Iíve read focused on young women, and I like the fact that Forgotten Dreams features a woman in her fifties. Maybe thatís because Iím in my fifties.

I was embarrassed to edit Grandmaís Sex Handbook, but was even more embarrassed while editing this novel. However, as Anne Wright said in her familyís handbook, ďGod invented sex. Heís not surprised by it, and heís not embarrassed by it.Ē That seems consistent with the large amount of rather explicit sex in the Bible (e.g. Ezekiel 23:20), so Iíve been trying to adapt myself to Godís perspective, rather than expecting him adapt to my previous perspectives.

As a result, it now seems reasonable to me that this story, including the sexually explicit elements, could help some people. Iím sure others will disagree, but if this adult-oriented approach to story-telling challenges you to think about your faith, and the proper role of sex in literature or in your life, good! The apostle Paul complimented the Christians in Berea for questioning what he said, and for examining the Scriptures for themselves to see if what Paul said was true.

I hope you come to agree that this novel is worthwhile, but more importantly, I hope you come to agree based on good reason.

John Lambert

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